University Calendar

The Office of Marketing and Communications has transitioned the IIT University Calendar to Google Calendar, allowing for easy sharing of events using IIT Google Apps accounts, compatibility with a variety of different calendar software, embeddable calendars and RSS feeds.

Share Your Events
University colleges, departments, offices, and student organizations are encouraged to post your upcoming events to your Google Calendar account, accessible via the Google Apps link in the myIIT portal.

Enter in the "Add guests" field

When you create a new event in Google Calendar, input into the “Add guests” field to share your event with the main university calendar.  Be sure to save your event after sharing it with  It is easiest to share events with the university calendar when you first create the event.  If you subsequently change any of the details of an event, those changes will be reflected on the university calendar.

Are you forgetting anything?

  • Be sure to always include the correct time (a.m. or p.m.?) and location of your event.
  • An informative and brief description of the event is highly recommended.
  • If your event or group has a website, you may want to include a link.  Provide contact information for those with questions or concerns.
  • If your event is sponsored/organized by a student organization, academic department, administrative office, or other entity, include that information as well.
  • An informative title is always a good idea. People skim past titles, and cryptic titles may get ignored.

Contact if you have any questions about the new calendar or sharing your events with the university.