Apple in Higher Education Interactive Session for Faculty

The local IIT Apple team host an interactive session for IIT faculty on new and emerging in Apple academic technologies.  Bring your iPads and Macs to follow along! (Optional)

Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012
Time: 1:00–3:00 pm
Location: Idea Shop at 3440 S. Dearborn

Please RSVP here.


  • Apple in higher education
  • How to engage students by designing digital course materials for the  iPad
  • Explore apps, interactive books, and Multi‑Touch textbooks

Discover amazing interactive iBooks.  Learn how to create your own interactive Multi-Touch books with Mac and iBooks Author. Discover how a course is built with iTunes U Course Manager using interactive learning materials, then see how it all comes together with an overview of ownership and deployment models for digital content.

1. Overview : 30 minutes
Personalized learning
Demo : iBook textbooks and iTunes U
Best Practices : What other institutions are doing

2. Overview : 30 minutes
Creating and sharing content
iLife, iWork, iBooks Author
Demo : Build an iBook using iBooks Author
Overview of iTunes U Course Manager
Best Practices : iBooks Authoring for Training manuals, eTextbooks, Course Packets

3. Distributing content – 15 minutes
How to post and share iPad-friendly digital media for class

4. Q & A with Apple Team

5. iPads in education at IIT (by: April Welch)