Illinois Institute of Technology Recognized for Pioneering Work with CBORD’s Mobile-Enabled Security Solutions

IIT received the 2013 Innovative Technology Award from the National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU) at the the 20th Annual NACCU Conference in Orlando in April.  The award recognizes an institution that has introduced a unique, technology-based solution on campus. IIT recently implemented several new mobile-enabled security solutions for door access to better serve its students and staff using CBORD’s leading CS Access solution.

IIT’s latest offerings empower students to access their residence hall rooms and other doors by simply opening a smartphone application (CBORD Mobile ID™) or sending a text message (“Open MyDoor”). Both mobile access solutions are managed by CBORD’s CS Access, which is designed to serve today’s students by leveraging the security and convenience of their devices of choice—their phones.

In addition to student access, staff can be granted temporary, elevated door access privileges using the “MasterKey” text-enabled feature (e.g., a maintenance worker needing temporary access to a suite to fix a leaking faucet). The privilege elevation is only granted when pre-approved by management, and all occupants of the room or suite receive notification of the access. This innovative solution has resulted in significant security improvements and cost savings at IIT, drastically reducing the need for costly and risky metal master keys.