Be Aware of Phishing Attempt Targeting Galvin Library Users

Several faculty, students, and staff have been receiving emails which are a phishing attack created by a malicious source. These emails are not being sent by the Paul V. Galvin Library staff. Delete all emails like the following:

Subject: Library Account

Dear User,

Due to high numbers of inactive library accounts on our server, you are urged to validate your library account within 72 hours of receiving this e-mail, by using the validation link: Click Here to confirm that your library account is active. Failure to update will process your account being temporarily blocked or suspended from the network and may not be able to receive. Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your library account. Thanks for your cooperation.

Library users affiliated with IIT gain access to subscription databases when off-campus by entering their CWID. Releasing that information to a third-party may result in access to IIT databases being limited or cut off. Users can safely access the library website by using the IIT Portal links, or going directly to the library website. If your CWID has been compromised, contact the OTS support desk.