2014 IIT Research Day Poster Competition Winners Announced

IIT Research Day was held on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. The poster competition winners are listed below:

Undergraduate Winners

1st place- Cecillie Tassone (BME): Non-Invasive Screening of Tumor Suppressor BaxΔ2

2nd place- Haocheng Bian (AM): Numerical Methods for the Solution of the Hilbert-Schmidt Integral Eigenvalue Problem

3rd place- Eda Gjergo (AM): Comparison of Supernovae Data Sets with Modified Gravity and Dark Energy Models Alternatives to Vacuum Energy

Graduate Winners

1st place- David Nieto Simavilla (ChBE): Investigation of Anisotropic Thermal Transport in Polymers using Infrared Thermography

2nd place- Xiao Huang (ECE): Caching Data for Faster Wireless Connections

3rd place- Martin Detrois (MMAE): Grain Boundary Engineering of Powder Processed Ni-base Superalloy RR1000