2016 IIT Research Day Poster Competition Winners

The Office of Research has announced the 2016 IIT Research Day poster competition winners. IIT Research Day was held on April 11, 2016.

The Office of Research offers congratulations to:

Undergraduate Winners

First place: Wesley Lo (BME)

“Estimation of Pro-Angiogenic Peptide Diffusion Coefficient from Crosslinked Hydrogel Nanaparticles”

Advisor: Georgia Papavasiliou

Second place: Nirja Shah (BME)

“Investigating the Effects of Tissue Staining and Rinsing Protocols for Accurate Analysis of Remnant Cancer at the Margins of Breast Surgery Tissue Samples”

Advisor: Kenneth Tichauer

Third place: Yusra Khalid (ChBE)

“Humidification Dehumidification Under Pakistani Climate Conditions”

Advisor: Sohail Murad

Graduate Winners

First place: Christopher Hannon and Jiaqi Yan (CS)

“DSSnet: A Smart Grid Modeling Platform Combining Electrical Power Distribution System Simulation and Software Defined Networking Emulation”

Advisor: Kevin Jin

Second place: Michael DeAnda and Amy Kamin (Humanities)

“Identifying Learning Opportunities in Television for Young Children”

Advisor: Carly Kocurek

Third place: Samuel Bowerman (Physics)

“Allosteric Networks in the Nucleosome Core Particle Advisor: Jeff Wereszczynski”

Thank you to all who helped make 2016 IIT Research Day successful.

To view photos from this event, click here.