2016 PayScale Return on Investment Rankings

2016roi-badgeThe earnings potential for Illinois Tech graduates is rated high in the latest PayScale rankings. In the 2016 PayScale report, Illinois Tech was ranked as the #1 Best Value School in Illinois. 

The following is a snapshot of Illinois Tech’s most recent rankings based on colleges that have the best return on investment (ROI) 20 years after graduation.

  • #1 among all universities in the State of Illinois
  • #21 among the 300 public and private U.S. universities known traditionally as “engineering schools”
  • #40 among all public and private U.S universities

PayScale attempts to measure the value of a college education in order to help prospective students and their parents find the best return on investment by school type, location and major.

View for more information about Illinois Tech’s PayScale rankings.

View for more information about the PayScale rankings.