2022 Winter Humanities Courses: Complete a Course in 12 Days During the Winter Break

Undergraduate students can accelerate their learning this winter by taking a 12-day online course being offered over winter break by the Department of Humanities. Whether you want to get ahead on course credits, fit another course into your tight schedule, satisfy a humanities requirement, or simply enjoy a Humanities course in a different format, one of these courses might help you reach your goal.

These courses are designed to cover all of the same material covered in a one-semester course but in 12 days. This design converts a 3 credit, 135 hours of work to an intensive experience of engaged work in the range of 10–13 hours per day. Accordingly, it is not wise to take one of these courses if you have any other demands on your time—including travel, weddings, internships, jobs, weekend obligations, or other such commitments—and no allowances can be made for interfering events.

Dec. 12–23: Fall registration

PHIL 304: Judgment and Decision-Making: A philosophical and psychological examination of good reasoning, the origins of judgment errors and biases, the impact of reasoning on individuals and societies, and the methods for improving judgment. (J.D. Trout)
AAH 380: Frank Lloyd Wright: An examination of the career of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Students will analyze Wright’s theory of organic architecture, the place of his work in the history of modern architecture, and the relationship between Wright’s buildings and their social/historical contexts. (Erin Hazard)

Dec. 26–Jan. 6: Spring registration

COM 380 Digital Media and Citizenship: An examination of the implications of emerging digital media practices for citizenship, equality, participation, and belonging. Some of the key themes this course will cover include marginality, youth activism, and citizenship; youth citizenship and political participation; networked publics and contentious politics; gender and citizenship; and digital citizenship in global perspective. (Mohamed El Marzouki)
HIST 353: Chicago During the Prohibition Era: A study of the people, places, demographics, institutions, politics, culture, and national context of the federal Prohibition (of alcohol) era in Chicago. Students will learn not only about historical events and personages, but also consider the interplay of various social, political, and economic factors that made the Prohibition era within Chicago unique. (Mindy Pugh)