2024-2025 Housing Application Now Open

The Office of Residence Life is pleased to announce the 2024-2025 Academic Year application for housing is open. This application is for Illinois Tech students who wish to live in the residence halls for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. Students may find the application in their student portal under “My Apps” by clicking the Starrez Housing Portal icon. Please note that students may be required to make a prepayment during the application process to reserve a room.

Our goal this year is for all applicants to be able to select their own room through the process. Note: Students in roommate groups will be given the earliest room selection time slots to facilitate more students getting their preferred roommates. To ensure you give yourself the greatest possible opportunity to select the room you’d like, please review the potential Illinois Tech housing options and rates and make sure you follow the timeline below.

April 8: Applications submitted by students in roommate groups by this date will be given the earliest possible randomized time slot within a student’s respective class status in order to select rooms.
April 15–21: Room selection opens for applications submitted by April 8 from students in roommate groups.
April 22 ongoing: Applications submitted by students applying for housing alone or applications submitted after April 8 will be given randomized time slots within a student’s respective class status in order to select rooms.
June 3: Room selection opens for first-year students