5th Annual TEDxIIT conference to take place on April 12

The 5th annual TEDxIIT conference is scheduled for Sunday, April 12 from 1-6 p.m. in the Illinois Institute of Technology Tower Auditorium. True to the TED-like event, the people selected to present their ideas represent a wide range of professions, with speakers ranging from renowned, established experts, and up-and-coming Internet superstars. Among the speakers are: an educator, an engineer, an entrepreneur, an architect, a researcher, and an ideator. This year, the speaker roster consists of two students, six faculty and one staff member, seven alumni – two of which are faculty, and two who are extended family of Illinois Tech alumni – and three people from the broader community.

Fusion defines innovation. The ideas selected all relate to the concept of fusion, and are as interesting and varied as the speakers who will be presenting them. Some concepts of fusion are homogenous, for example: the fusion of different educational approaches, the fusion of different leadership styles and the fusion of personal stories. Other fusions are heterogeneous, like the fusion of digital with personal branding, quality control with character standard, and neuroscience with architecture. This diversity in ideas is exactly what the TEDxIIT planning team had hoped for with its selection of the theme ‘X-Fusion’, where ‘X’ represents the infinite amount of possible topics.

To learn more about innovative and inspirational fusions and their benefits, save the date to view a live stream, or attend the live event on the IIT campus.

TEDxIIT is organized by IIT students—under the guidance of advisors and professionals—for the global community, so seating priority is given to alumni, professionals and community leaders with strong applications. Students are invited to attend the dress rehearsal on Saturday, April 11 from 1-6 p.m. in the IIT Tower Auditorium – seating is limited. Students will however, gain the most experience and benefits by participating as volunteers for the main event on Sunday, April 12.

Sign up to be a volunteer here, and subscribe to the mailing list to receive upcoming details. Faculty and staff are welcome to apply for tickets now.