National Multiple Sclerosis Society Releases Request for Proposals for Development of Neuroprotection/Repair Therapeutics in MS

Through Fast Forward, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has released a Request for Proposals to fund drug development opportunities for therapies promoting neuroprotection and repair relevant to multiple sclerosis.

This RFP is open to commercial organizations and not-for-profit research institutions collaborating with a commercial organization. Consistent with our goal to support research and development conducted with a high level of quality control typical of the pharmaceutical industry, proposals from not-for-profit institutions will be considered if a majority of the work is conducted at reputable Contract Research Organizations with appropriate expertise relevant to the proposal.

Pre-applications are due by Wednesday, December 5, 2018. If you are interested in applying for this funding opportunity, please contact OSRP. Proposals must be completed and submitted to OSRP at least two business days prior to the deadline set by the sponsor.