8th Annual IIT Pumpkin Launch Results and Photos

Student teams braved the wet weather on October 13 to compete with pumpkin launchers they designed and built.  Team Insulators took first place in both the distance and accuracy competitions.

8th Annual IIT Pumpkin Launch Results:
Insulators – 1st accuracy (1 ft. off); 1st distance (128 ft.)
Conductors – 2nd accuracy (18 ft. off); 2nd distance (81 ft.)
ITMO – 3rd accuracy (37 ft. off); 3rd distance (53 ft.)

The 8th Annual IIT Pumpkin Launch was sponsored by the IIT Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Office of Campus Life (OCL), Resident Hall Association (RHA), Department of Biomedical Engineering, IIT Alumni Association, Illinois Tech Athletics, and the Student Activities Fund (SAF).