Chemical and Biological Engineering Fall 2017 Seminar – Abhinav Bhushan

Join the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering for a fall seminar on Wednesday, November 8 from 3:15–4:30 p.m. in Perlstein Hall Auditorium. The seminar, titled “Applications of Microfluidics in Tissue Engineering and Sensors,” will feature Abhinav Bhushan, assistant professor of biomedical engineering.

Bhushan lab’s research efforts lie at the interface of microfluidics, tissue engineering, and sensors. His most recent work has addressed building in vitro tissue constructs that can mimic an organ’s physiology. He and his team have applied these tissue models for nutrient metabolism and drug metabolism. To address the challenge of carrying out measurements in the small volumes associated with microfluidics, the team has developed cell based and biochemical sensors that report on the basic cellular processes and are integrated within the microfluidics. He will present their recent findings in all of these areas. As Bhushan and his team integrate these tools, the results promise the development of an integrated microfluidic platform containing advanced tissue engineered constructs and biochemical sensors for exciting applications in disease modeling and drug discovery.