A Lasting Vision: Photographs from the Institute of Design 1970-2001

Join IIT Institute of Design (ID) on July 31, 2015 in S.R. Crown Hall for A Lasting Vision: Photographs from the Institute of Design 1970-2001. The event will showcase the work of past ID graduates and is being co-curated by John Grimes (M.S. PHOT ’74) and Barbara Crane (M.S. PHOT ’66); advised by David Travis; and organized by Anne Neri Kostiner and Lewis S. Kostiner (M.S. PHOT ’74). In addition, the exhibit will be accompanied by a catalog.

“This exhibition captures the breadth, emergence of new traditions, and exploration of new technologies in ID’s photography program during its final three decades. It offers a glimpse into the preoccupations and innovations of students who went onto exhibit, teach, and contribute to modern photography,” Patrick Whitney, dean of IIT Institute of Design.

The exhibit begins at 5 p.m. with a cocktail reception. RSVP here. Get more info here.

Contact John Lankford with any questions at john.lankford@id.iit.edu.