A Message Regarding Course Evaluations from 2015-2016 SGA President

Congratulations, the semester has almost come to an end. It is time to power through the last few days and do the best we can.

Throughout the semester, professors have been judging/critiquing our work. The time has come for us to grade them. The Course Evaluation is our opportunity to give feedback to the administration and let them know how good our professors are doing. These responses are taken into serious account by the university administration, and in the past few semesters great response rates have helped to improve a lot of our courses here.

The evaluations are available in the Academics tab in your myIIT portal. Click on the “Evaluate” button next to each of your courses to evaluate them.

Unfortunately, our response rate this year has been poor, so please fill yours out if you haven’t yet, and encourage your friends and classmates to fill out their course evaluations as well.

The deadline to submit the evaluations is Sunday, May 3, at midnight.

Along with the rest of the members of the Student Government at Illinois Institute of Technology, I wish you all the best for the finals and the upcoming holidays.

Good luck.


Rahul V Wadhwani
President, IIT Student Government Association 2015-2016