A New First Time Ever Sociology Course for Fall 2012: Symbolic Interaction

Looking for another social sciences credit–one that really makes you think? Then maybe Symbolic Interaction (SOC 385-01) is for you.

What is symbolic interaction?  In sociological jargon, the perspective of symbolic interactionism is concerned with the meanings that people give to objects, actions, and events. It stresses that people create, negotiate, and change social meanings through the process of interaction. It is both a philosophical and a methodological approach to studying social phenomena.

At this point you may be thinking, “Okay, that’s sort of interesting but why should I care about symbolic interaction and how is this perspective useful to me?” Those are legitimate questions. First, a symbolic interactionist perspective can help you understand how and why you think, act, and feel the ways that you do, thus improving your own self “understanding” and the nature and consequences of your personal “agency.” Second, it can help reveal how your actions are not only affected by others, but how you also affect them, particularly as you engage in joint actions with them.

Yes, this class will make you think. Being offered for the first time here at IIT, the course meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 – 11:15 am.