A Webinar for STEM Faculty on Voting—Science is Rising: Turning out the STEM Vote in 2020

Student voting rates are increasing, and scientists are showing more and more interest in civic engagement. Will those trends extend to STEM majors? Will 2020 be the year that STEM majors vote at their highest rates ever? Science Rising, a network of partners and advocates fighting for science, equity, and justice in our democracy, wants to make that a reality. Faculty are key stakeholders in getting STEM majors to embrace a culture of civic engagement and advocacy. Join us for a conversation with Melissa Varga and Raena Garcia of the Union of Concerned Scientists to hear about faculty-specific resources, and resources geared towards engaging STEM students leading up to the 2020 election.

WebinarScience is Rising: Turning out the STEM Vote in 2020

DateThursday, October 1, 2–3:00 p.m. Central