AHA Accepting LOIs for New Strategically Focused Research Network

The American Heart Association (AHA) announces a Request for Applications (RFA) for a Strategically-Focused Research Network (SFRN) on the Science of Diversity in Clinical Trials (SDCT).

GENERAL OVERVIEW – This SFRN on the Science of Diversity in Clinical Trials will consist of at least three centers, each of which will propose novel research strategies to engage individuals from under-represented groups in clinical trials such that their participation in clinical trials aligns with the diversity of our communities. Funded centers will be expected to collaborate on solving the core issues underlying this problem, many of which are delineated below.

NETWORK CENTERS – Each center application will include two or three research projects. Proposed projects will have a common fundamental theme that will assess an intervention or approach to addressing diversity in clinical trials. Projects may all be from a single institution, or they may be from multiple institutions. Each center project will be led by a Project Principal Investigator (PI), and must have the necessary research team, required infrastructure and ability to recruit and retain a diverse group of study participants. An overall Center Director will also be a key component of each center. Each Center Director will facilitate activities within his/her/their center and work closely with the other Network Center Directors to facilitate activities across the Network, including end-of-network deliverables.

TRAINING CENTER – The Training Center will incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to provide robust research experiences, training, and mentorship to create the next generation of clinical trialists. The Training Center will develop science curriculum and career development training opportunities while working closely with Center Fellows and their mentors to optimize their success. As detailed below, all SDCT Fellows will be from groups who are under-represented in science and medicine.

In addition to facilitating the training of SDCT Fellows, training materials will also be developed and made available to the broader scientific community and other stakeholders, thus leveraging the evidence-based approaches resulting from the Network’s findings and recommendations.

NOTE: AHA anticipates (and welcomes) applications for research focused on cardiovascular, stroke and brain health conditions. Because the goal of this funding mechanism is broad understanding of the science of diversity in clinical trials, applications proposing studies that are not directly cardiovascular, stroke or brain health are also welcome. Ultimately, successful applicants will be those proposing innovative approaches to address the critical deficiencies of inclusion in clinical trials and the ability to persuasively demonstrate the broad applicability of their results.

Full proposals will be due by Thursday, January 27, 2022. Please remember your proposal is due to the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs 5 days prior to the sponsor deadline. For questions about your proposal, contact osrp@iit.edu.

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