AHA Expands Eligibility for 2022 Career Development Award

The AHA has expanded applicant eligibility for the 2022 Career Development Award in recognition of interruptions to career progression due to the pandemic, as follows:

At the time of award activation on April 1, 2022, no more than five years and 9 months may have elapsed since the applicant’s first faculty/staff appointment (after receipt of doctoral degree) at the assistant professor level or equivalent (including, but not limited to, instructor, research assistant professor, research scientist, staff scientist, etc.). If the candidate held the title of instructor during postdoctoral fellowship or residency years due to clinical or teaching responsibilities, that period does not count against the eligibility period for applying for the Career Development Award.

Application deadline is Monday, December 6, 2021. Proposals are due to OSRP no later than 5 days prior to a sponsor’s deadline. Please submit your proposal as early as possible. For help with your proposal email osrp@iit.edu. View the RFA.