AI-enabled Insights in Biopharmaceutical Process Development

Please join us for a virtual event on “AI-enabled Insights in Biopharmaceutical Process Development” featuring guest speaker Seyma Bayrak, Senior Manager Data Science for Amgen Inc., on October 13 from 3:35 p.m.-4:40 p.m.

The event will take place over Zoom at this link.

Meeting ID: 846 4170 1790
Passcode: lreQp4WQ

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical building block of digital transformation; it enables innovation and re-imagining the traditional way of operating. AI can learn complex concepts, patterns and relationships from data and augment what human intelligence can do on its own.
Increasingly, pharma and biotech companies are adopting more efficient, automated processes that incorporate data-driven decisions and use predictive analytics tools. The next evolution of this approach to advanced data analytics incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI applications can accelerate every stage of value chain and result in significant business benefits. This talk will introduce applications of AI that enable speed and efficiency in Amgen’s Process Development.

Short Biography
Seyma Bayrak (Sr. Manager Data Science) leads the Cognitive Analytics team within Digital Integration and Predictive Technologies (DIPT) focusing on generating insights from data using artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics. Her team delivers various high impact data science projects within Amgen’s Operations. Seyma first joined Amgen as part of a co-op program in 2014 while earning her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. She later returned to DIPT as a Senior Engineer and introduced high performance agent-based models and real-time machine learning for bioengineering applications at Amgen.