Announcing the Illinois Tech Center for Learning Innovation

I am pleased to announce the formation of Illinois Tech’s Center for Learning Innovation. In keeping with Priority #4 of our strategic plan, the mission of this center is to consolidate and optimize our online and hybrid learning and programmatic offerings, which is particularly important in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The center will oversee the activities of the Teaching and Learning Center and the Office of Digital Learning. Furthermore, the center will also manage faculty development and outreach, faculty training for online education, instructional design and technology, pedagogy for both online and classroom learning, compliance, and our coordination with educational firms to offer additional online programming.

The center will continue to refine and expand its service offerings in an effort to address the evolving needs and challenges of an online learning environment. These activities will include, but are not limited to, the design and delivery of evidence-based curriculum development; faculty training resources; compelling online course content; course-specific assistance; and student, faculty, third-party vendor, and educational leadership support.

As we search for a full-time director, Jamshid Mohammadi will assist me in overseeing and managing the activities of the center and will act as the interim center director.


Peter Kilpatrick
Peter Kilpatrick
Provost, Illinois Institute of Technology