Announcing the Relaunch of Faculty Innovation Grants

Originally launched in the 2016-2017 academic year, the Faculty Innovation Grants program was intended to be “an organically grown prototype program for prototype programs.”
The main aim of the mini-grant program was to encourage initiatives in student skill and experience acquisition and/or simply provide students with the opportunity to expand their contact list in the professional realm by having worked alongside professionals in the course of their academic initiative.
In this relaunch, we will retain this former category of award as before (termed now: Career Development Support) and have added an additional area:

Success in Learning and Retention Practices and/or Research in Student Success

In particular, we encourage applications that support and build upon Student Empowerment, Mentorship and Leadership (Student ELM) and similar mentorship initiatives. Applications should incorporate a robust online and remote interaction component or focus with either of the two award categories (Career Development Support or Student Success). Relatively broad latitude is intentionally provided so that project proposals may be creative in meeting the award objectives.
The Offices of Career Services, and Student Success and Strategic Initiatives are pleased to host the Illinois Institute of Technology Faculty Innovation Grant process:
The background on programs details, previous awards, instructions are located here: