Announcing the Winners of the 54th Annual Writing Contest

The Department of Humanities wishes to congratulate the following writing contest winners in their respective categories:
1st Place—Katherine Seaver, 5th-year senior Architecture major, for “Living Room”
2nd Place—Ashley Tewari, 1st-year Civil Engineering major, for “A Daughter’s Dilemma”
3rd Place—Winifred Guerra, 1st-year Psychological Science major, for “Words that Burn”
1st Place—Amna Bhatti, 4th-year Digital Humanities major, for “Feigning Innocence: The Racist History of Raggedy Ann”
2nd Place—Hannah Snyderburn, 1st-year Aerospace Engineering major, for “You Should Act On This Earth As If It Were Heaven”
3rd Place—Samantha Blanchard, 1st-year Mechanical Engineering major, for “Closure: With Reference to the Works of Camus and Vonnegut”
1st Place—Brianna McKenna, 4th-year Biomedical Engineering major, for “Contributions to Society”
2nd Place—Cristian Pintor, 4th-year in the School of Applied Technology, for “Adrian by the Shore”
3rd Place—Dongboum Shin, Visiting Computer Engineering major, for “A Travel”
Freshman Essay
1st Place—Andrew Cordell, Applied Physics major, for “The Point of Pointland—What Flatland Really Means”
2nd Place—Samuel Howe, Psychological Science major, for “Eating Disorders”
3rd Place—Justin Schmitz, Computer Science major, for “Incentivizing Donations: Using Human Nature to Encourage Giving”
The Department of Humanities would like to thank everyone for participating in the 54th Annual Writing Contest.