Annual Update of Contact Information for the IIT Community

In order to better support the IIT Crisis Communication Plan, the university requires that all faculty, staff, and students provide up-to-date addresses, telephone numbers, and emergency contact information. An annual update of this information will begin January 11, 2013. The goal of the IIT Crisis Communication Plan is to ensure the delivery of messages to members of the IIT community in case of a campus emergency, and to enable the university to reach emergency contacts in case of a personal emergency for an IIT community member.

Upon logging into myIIT for the first time after January 11, you will be asked for the following information:

From everyone (students, faculty, and staff):
• Personal emergency contact info
• Phone number for IIT Alert
• Missing person/emergency contact (optional)

From students:
• Local Address (if not currently living in university housing)

Contact with any questions.