Anti-Racism in Academia: A Learning Journey Virtual Series

The series below is available to all Illinois Tech employees through our institutional membership with the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI): 

Inspiring an understanding and inclusive community of professionals first requires examining our own awareness and perspectives. The Anti-Racism in Academia: A Learning Journey (ARiA) virtual series enables you to do that in a safe and open environment through small, confidential, discussion sessions that are open to all higher education employees.

This month, the ARiA series presents Part 5: PERSIST, where we brainstorm ways to sustain our diversity efforts. Want to be part of the discussion? Enrollment begins today, so sign up now for one session of your choice. Sessions typically ‘sell out’ within 48 hours, but a waitlist is available. 

Sessions are limited to 6 participants ( + one facilitator) and are open to all employees across the higher education sector. Participants need not have attended previous ARiA events to enroll in January’s breakout sessions. This and other frequently asked questions are answered on the ARiA website. 

Breakout sessions are private and will not be recorded. The ARiA team has designed the breakout sessions to be safe spaces to explore, share, listen, and learn. We have recruited volunteer session facilitators and provided each with the resources and guidelines to enable open, frank, and compassionate discussions that will promote personal and professional growth through awareness and expanded perspectives. We hope the suggested ideas, strategies, and examples in the sessions will empower you to lead from where you are.

For more information about previous and future events, view the events page. For other comments or questions, please contact ARiA