Antimatter Gravity Lecture March 24

Thomas Phillips will be visiting Illinois Institute of Technology’s Main Campus on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Tech Park Atrium by the Idea Shop to give a lecture on antimatter gravity. This lecture is accessible for any level of physics knowledge.

While physicists’ understanding of the gravitational attraction between matter particles has a long history of experiment behind it, the gravitational force between matter and antimatter has yet to be measured. Efforts to make such measurements are now underway in various labs around the world – CERN’s ALPHA project, for example.

A few theorists have considered the surprising idea that matter and antimatter might repel one another. This idea implies a different cosmology than that which is commonly accepted. It might then be possible to explain astronomical observations without the need for dark matter or dark energy.

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Phillips is an experimental high-energy physicist who has worked on several major experiments such as CDF, where he helped find evidence for the Higgs boson. He was the founder and spokesperson for the Antimatter Gravity Experiment (AGE). Phillips is an affiliate of the Physics Department of Illinois Institute of Technology.

There will be a small reception and refreshments following the lecture.