Applications for Armour I&E Video Competition Due April 9

Armour College of Engineering has a tradition of innovation and excellence in education and research that dates back more than 125 years. This year, the college launches its most recent initiative, the Armour I&E video competition, with a culminating video-thon event for selected students in the fall. Each team of three-five undergraduate or graduate students (with a minimum of one engineering student within the team) are expected to research, script, film, and produce a short video showcasing a specific research or educational innovation pioneered by an Armour faculty member.


The winning video will be further developed into a promotional video with the help of professional artists. Cash prizes include $1,250 for first place, $600 for second place, and $150 for third place. The winning team will also be recognized via social media, web, and other media outlets.

Overall Timeline:
Phase I
Monday, April 9 – Applications Due
April 9 – Teams begin conducting interviews with faculty to generate options for video content
Friday, April 20 – Storyboards due to Storyboards should provide a high-level graphic representation of the flow of the video, organized according to scenes. Feedback will be provided for help with the script development step.
Thursday, April 26 – Storyboard presentations to the ACE Distinctive Education Council. Phase II depends on the submission of a strong, well-developed storyboard that is deemed by the selection committee to lead to a high quality video production.

Friday, May 4 – Finalists announced for Phase II

Phase II
Saturday, September 1 – Audio/Video Intensive Workshop for finalists in the John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center, Room 130
September 1 through Sunday, September 30 – Material collection and script development
Monday, October 1 – Scripts due to Scripts should be written according to script standards and should contain as much information as possible.
October 1 through Wednesday, October 31 – Filming and production. Access to Room 130 in the John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center provided.
Thursday, November 8 – Video-thon
To Apply: Provide the following by April 9 via email to with the Subject: Armour I&E Video Competition:

  • A 300-word summary of your proposal (topic, faculty, research, etc.) with an emphasis on why your team picked the faculty and innovative research. What attracted you to the faculty and their work? Why is it important to society?
  • A team list, including information about team composition and team members
  • A letter from the professor acknowledging they will work with your team
  • An extracurricular resume/CV from all team members

Questions? Email