Apply Now for the American Diabetes Association Health Disparities and Diabetes Research Awards

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is requesting applications for research focused on the impact of diabetes on health disparities and the impact of health disparities on diabetes and its complications.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, health disparities are defined as differences in health that are closely linked with social or economic disadvantage. Health disparities adversely affect groups of people who have systematically experienced greater social and/or economic obstacles to health based on their racial or ethnic group; religion; socioeconomic status; gender; age; mental health; cognitive, sensory, or physical disability; sexual orientation; geographic location; or other characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion.

Research Scope

For this funding opportunity, attention must focus on, and hypotheses should reflect, the impact of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, health care access, and/or other direct factors that underlie diabetes health disparities, and applications should describe how results of the proposed research will transform assessment and treatment of underserved groups and their potential to significantly improve outcomes in diabetes or its complications. The ADA encourages formative research, intervention development, and pilot-testing of interventions. For the purposes of this funding initiative, interventions may include behavioral, social, or structural approaches, as well as combination biomedical and behavioral approaches that prevent and/or improve clinical outcomes for people living with diabetes.

Please visit the ADA Research Programs website at for full program details and application instructions for each grant type.

Contact the Office of Sponsored Research for assistance and questions about submitting your proposal at

Please remember your proposals are due to the Office of Sponsored Research no later than five days prior to the sponsor deadline (submission deadline to the ADA is May 3, 2021)