Armour College of Engineering Announces New Student Spaces in The John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center Are Open for Use

Armour College of Engineering recently celebrated the completion of new student spaces in The John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center with an open house.

The building renovation, made possible with support provided by Caryl Pucci Rettaliata, has added unique collaboration and educational spaces for students. The renovation is the first major overhaul of a building on the Illinois Institute of Technology Main Campus since the completion of the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC) in September 2003.

One of the project’s most notable features is the building’s atrium area that provides an open space for students to collaborate on projects, work on homework, or relax and meet with friends. Three large skylights fill the space with natural light, creating an inspiring atmosphere. Below the skylights, on the atrium’s first floor are comfortable new chairs and work tables. Stools and a ledge border the atrium’s second floor forming an open space for students to work, eat, or take a break between classes.



A Place for Collaboration
The atrium is also home to seven collaboration areas split between the first and second floors. These spaces have individual video screens that students can use when working on group projects or making a presentation. The collaboration spaces on the first floor are open and have seats and workstations that can be configured into different formations fitting the needs of any group, large or small. The collaboration spaces on the second floor have more of an intimate feel with soft furniture to sit on and dividers separating the space into distinctive areas.

One feature that has proven to be a student favorite is the glass writing wall covering the entire wall that borders the collaboration spaces on the first floor. Students can utilize the wall to work on equations as a team, sketch out ideas, or leave a message to fellow students.

Engineering students did not waste any time during the open house exploring and using the new facilities designed with their needs in mind and have kept the space full of activity since. If you haven’t had time to see or use the wonderful new space, stop by the John T. Retalliata Engineering center today.