Armour College of Engineering Professor Leon Shaw’s Paper Named Key Article Contributing to Energy Research

Leon Shaw, Rowe Family Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Armour College of Engineering, recently had a paper identified as a Key Scientific Article Contributing to the Excellence in Energy Research by Renewable Energy Global Innovations (REGI), a magazine that highlights papers of exceptional scientific importance to a broad scientific audience. The article “NA3MnCO3PO4 – A High Capacity, Multi-Electron Transfer Redox Cathode Material for Sodium Ion Batteries” was featured in REGI’s Energy Storage Section.

The article was written by Shaw and his research team including: Chuanlong Wang (M.S. ME ‘14), Monica Sawkicki (Ph.D. Student MSE), Satya Emani, and Caihong Liu, both Senior Research Associates in Armour College’s Mechanical Materials and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE) Department.

Read the paper here.