Assistance With IIT-Secure Network-Security Certificates’ Update for Mac Users

On July 12 the IIT-Secure and eduroam wireless networks on all Illinois Tech campuses were updated with new security certificates, which ensure you are connected to trusted wireless networks. These certificates expire regularly to reduce the risk of our networks being compromised.

Prior to the certificates’ update, Illinois Tech advised the community that, beginning on July 12, when you tried to get on IIT-Secure or eduroam from any of your wireless devices, you would be asked to ‘accept/trust’ the new network certificate in order to establish a secure wireless connection on your device. The university also advised that for reasons of redundancy, Illinois Tech has two certificates covering different parts of the campuses, so if you travelled around or among the campuses with your wireless device, you would potentially have to also accept the second certificate. Further, each of your wireless devices would need to accept/trust the new certificate(s).

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) Support Desk has received a number of inquiries about this process from Mac users in particular. If you are a Mac user, here is what you need to do to accept/trust the new certificate(s):

  • Open “System Preferences”
  • Go to “Profiles”
  • Delete any profiles with “IIT-Secure” in the name
  • Restart the device/computer
  • Connect to IIT-Secure using your Illinois Tech username and password
  • During the connection process, you will prompted to again enter your Illinois Tech username and password
  • Within seconds, you will be connected (on that particular device/computer)
  • Follow these same steps to be connected to eduroam on each of your devices/computers

If you have any further difficulties or need assistance, please contact the OTS Support Desk by emailing, calling 312.567.3375 (on campus x7Desk), or stopping by the second floor of Paul V. Galvin Library.