Assistant Professor of Political Science Laura Hosman Interviewed by Guam’s PNC News about the PISCES Project

The remote island of Udot, Chuuk will soon be connected to the World Wide Web through the help of the Pacific Island Schools Connectivity, Education and Solar (PISCES) Project, led by Laura Hosman, assistant professor of political science at IIT.

An international team of technology experts was on Guam this week to provide training in deploying the technology. Participants received hands on training to learn how to set up solar powered long-distance wireless connectivity so that it can be used to connect other remote islands in Micronesia.

The PISCES team will also bring a Solar-Computer-Lab-in-a-Box to Udot that will be used for primary and secondary school children. The box, which was developed during the spring 2012 Enpro SolarCubed, contains solar panels, laptops, and a charge controller. The box also folds out into a table to hold the laptops.

The interview can be found on Pacific News Center’s Website.