Attend a Participant-Driven “Un-Workshop” on Project Management

The Continuous Improvement (CI) unit invites you to attend an “un-workshop” about how projects are completed at Illinois Tech on Wednesday, August 1 from 10 a.m.–noon in the IPRO Space on the seventh floor of IIT Tower. The “un-workshop” is based on the concept of an “un-conference.” Instead of a workshop where the facilitators create the agenda and share their knowledge with you, the un-workshop is participant-driven. Here is the inviting question that will provide structure to the un-workshop:

How can we improve the way we do projects at the university?

Session objectives:

  • To bring together a group of people across campus who have interest in continuous improvement
  •  To facilitate the sharing of best practices across the group around the inviting question
  • To gather data on the areas where participants would like support from the CI unit in the future

CI IIT Today Un-workshop Button.png

Through moderate facilitation at the beginning, participants will determine topics for discussion related to improving the way we do projects (a project can be anything from coordinating an ongoing event, to establishing a new procedure, to a large-scale process overhaul). Participants will then engage with each other to share ideas through dynamic conversations. This will be interactive and discussion-based—as well as an exciting pilot during which we all have the opportunity to learn from each other and about best practices at the university. Learn more about how “un-conferences” unleash creative ideas (Forbes).

Feel free to pass on this invitation to faculty, staff, alumni, key student leaders, and university friends. 

If you have any questions please contact Megan Mozina ( or Molly McCaughey (