Attend Free Seminar ‘Intro To Merger and Acquisition (Part One)’ February 1 at the Kaplan Institute

This seminar is free for all students and faculty. Enter promo code “makeithappen” when registering here.

Join us for a deep dive on entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA), hot on the agendas at Stanford, Wharton, Chicago, MIT, and more. We’ll decode the acquisition process for Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) under $200 million in revenue, exploring the market and strategies for nabbing these companies, especially with the retirement of baby boomers. Dive into the M&A landscape in the SBE arena, uncovering the steps and secrets to successful acquisition and finding the perfect SBE to take on. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, this event’s your guide to mastering SBE acquisitions.

Topics Include:

  • Exploring ETA: Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
  • Acquiring SBEs: Market and Opportunities
  • Understanding the M&A Scene in SBEs
  • The Acquisition Process Demystified
  • Finding Your Perfect SBE: Strategies and Tactics

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