Engineering 1 Building Renovations Are Underway

The Engineering 1 building is undergoing construction renovations. Great efforts have been made to install temporary barriers and walkways in order to isolate the construction work from the day-to-day activities of students, faculty, and staff. Please be aware of the building egress paths that have been created for safe passage around the construction. Also, please notice that the existing north stairway is no longer accessible, however, an emergency-only exit stairway has been placed, as identified on the floor plan (pdf).

Do not enter the posted construction zones unless authorized to do so. The construction activities are scheduled to continue throughout the fall semester and winter break. Every effort is being made to complete the excessively noisy work during the night shift or during early morning hours so as to minimize noise as much as possible during classroom time periods.

Please contact Thomas Henehan, project manager, with any concerns at or 312.567.8927.