Beckman Scholars Program

If you are interested in submitting a Beckman Scholars Program proposal, send an abstract no more than three pages in length to Elizabeth Soto by the internal deadline of Monday, April 18, 2016 at noon. Your abstract should indicate why you are especially deserving of this opportunity and how it is of value to you.

Institutional Limit: One

Internal Deadline: Monday, April 18, 2016 at noon

Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 5 p.m. PDT

Program Purpose:

The purpose of the Beckman Scholars Program is to provide an in-depth, sustained undergraduate research experience in chemistry, biochemistry, biological, and medical sciences, or some interdisciplinary combination of these subjects, for exceptionally talented, full-time undergraduate students at accredited U.S. four-year colleges and universities; young people who ultimately will become prominent leaders in their scientific and professional pursuits. The program’s financial support for a student and mentor over 15 continuous months of research, in conjunction with the Annual Beckman Symposium, offers an academically stimulating and unique educational experience.

Program Awards:

Since 1998, 110 different universities or colleges have received Institutional Beckman Scholar awards, which have in turn supported 1,203 student and mentor teams. Each Institutional Award spans a three year period, with one-three student/mentor teams selected by the institution each year depending on its Carnegie Classification.

Institutional 2017 Beckman Scholars Awards will be made to support approximately 10 universities and colleges, for an anticipated total of 60 undergraduate students over the three year period. The foundation plans to announce the awards in late December 2016.

The Beckman Scholars Program is a merit based award. Beckman Scholars will ultimately become prominent leaders in their scientific and professional pursuits. As such, the foundation has set forth the following requirements of a candidate for the Beckman Scholars Program:

  • Undergraduate student: chemistry, biochemistry, the biological and medical sciences or some interdisciplinary combination of these subjects
  • Must be a full-time student throughout duration of award
  • Must maintain good academic standing
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or its possessions
  • Articulate, well spoken
  • Strong writing skills
  • In pursuit of Ph.D., M.D., M.D./Ph.D.; or other scientific pursuits

If you have any questions regarding this program, contact the foundation at 949.721.2228 or email the Beckman Scholars Program Administrator at


Per Illinois Tech policy, all grant applications (federal and non-federal) must be reviewed, signed and submitted by the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs regardless of the amount of the request. Complete your routing sheet as soon as possible here. Contact or call at 312.567.3035 for more information on submitting a proposal.