Boris Glavic Receives IIT ERIF Grant for Interdisciplinary Research with Psychology

Boris Glavic, assistant professor of computer science, and Eric Houston, assistant professor of psychology, have been awarded a one-year IIT Educational and Research Initiative Fund (ERIF) grant for $25,000 for an interdisciplinary approach for assessing treatment motivation among patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy, integrating multidimensional scaling with data provenance techniques.”

Glavic and Houston will develop a novel, web-based application that will assess treatment motivation among individual patients living with HIV and explore the viability of its use in a clinical setting to promote medication adherence. The web-based application will collect data from patients to generate visual mappings of underlying conceptualizations of treatment that may interfere with their adherence and indicate poor treatment motivation. Current assessment approaches are unable to fully and accurately identify these conceptualizations. To aid healthcare providers in interpreting the visual mappings, models that automatically track the origins and processing of data (i.e., data provenance) will be created and embedded in the application used to generate these mappings.