Computer Science Students Present Software Engineering Projects, Startup BrightTag Sponsors Prizes

Monday evening was project presentation day for the project teams in the Software Engineering class (CS-487, Fall 2012, instructor Virgil Bistriceanu.)

Each team selected their own project and then worked for 14 weeks, in an agile fashion, on producing working software; on presentation day they unveiled the result of their work in front of their peers.

Each team gave a ten minute presentation of their project followed by Q&A.

Best Application: (left to right) Eusebiu Pintilei, Benjamin Piatt, Lorraine Dalusong, Alex Yu

Following the presentations, students voted for the top three projects in the “Best Team” and the “Best Application” categories. Voting was done online and the results were announced minutes later.

Best Application

Best Team: (left to right) Hristo Nenov, Leo Larrere, Victor Mours, Yang Song

Best Team

BrightTag, a very innovative, well funded Chicago-based startup, recent winner of three Moxie Awards, has sponsored the prizes awarded for the best projects.

BrightTag already employs two IIT graduates, and is always looking for bright talent.