Bring Your Child to Work Day

In the spirit of National Bring Your Child to Work Day, albeit not on the nationally recognized date, Illinois Institute of Technology will relax its normal policy of no children in the workplace for one day, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, to coincide with the annual university picnic. On this day only, employees may bring their children, ages six and above, to their workplace for the morning, prior to going to the picnic which begins at noon, subject to the following criteria and limitations:

  1. Employees are solely responsible for supervising their own children at all times. There will be no centrally organized activities. Accordingly, employees should think in advance about how their child will participate in the day and what they would like their child to see or do that day based on the child’s interests.
  2. Children must be at least six years old.
  3. Children are not allowed in areas requiring special safety training or knowledge, including mechanical rooms and chemical labs as well as other areas deemed unsafe by the relevant supervisor or the University’s director of environmental health and safety. If an employee works in an area that is not safe for children, it would be best for their child or children simply to join them at the picnic.
  4. Hosting a child at work must not interfere with the ability of any employees to carry out and fulfill their normal duties. Parents are also expected to ensure that their children do not disrupt or prevent others from carrying out and fulfilling their normal work duties.
  5. Employees must not let their children become too hands-on at work. For instance, sending work related emails, fielding calls, or otherwise representing Illinois Tech are functions that should only be performed by employees and not their children.