Buy It eMarketplace Is Live for All Administrative Units

All administrative units are live in Illinois Tech’s new Buy It eMarketplace as of June 17. The Procurement Services office has hosted Buy It training sessions for more than 100 individuals in 50+ departments, and the feedback the team has been getting about Buy It has been extremely positive!

Here’s what current Illinois Tech users are saying about Buy It:

I have found the Buy It system to be effortless. The suppliers are all in one place, the format is simple to follow, and I receive my approval quickly via email.  The entire process from start to finish is great; it has simplified the ordering of supplies for our office and reduced the paperwork.

I love the punch out catalogs. . . . You submit [your order], it’s approved, and BAMMM! You have a requisition! It turns into a PO almost immediately. . . . I also love the ability to upload all the needed documents in the actual order.

Buy It is intuitive and streamlines the purchasing process. It has drastically reduced the amount of time and work required for making/approving purchases, and creates an easily accessible snapshot of your purchasing history.


All academic units are targeted to go live in Buy It starting on Monday, July 15. In the coming weeks Procurement Services will connect with the primary budget managers and buyers in these units to ensure that everyone is prepared to use Buy It.

More information about Buy It is on the Procurement website. Thank you all for your support and collaboration as we deploy this new system at the University. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in the near future!