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January 31: Sophia Wennstedt, Co-Founder & CEO of Blip Energy
Drawing from a background working as a mechanical engineer and later as a program manager at iRobot, Sophia Wennstedt has pivoted into the energy space with work at Exelon and Tesla. She’s passionate about climate justice and energy equity and is involved in STEM education outreach. Sophia acquired her bachelor’s degree focused in Engineering Science – Mechanical and Material Science from Harvard University as well as an MBA & MDSI from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and Segal Design Institute.

Blip Energy’s mission is to redefine home batteries. Energy storage is a powerful tool for controlling household energy usage and cost and is also necessary for resilience—for individuals and across communities. Blip is building a battery that is accessible and functional in any type of home.

By leveraging second-life lithium cells in a flexible form factor, Blip is able to add millions of otherwise-inaccessible homes to the smart grid network. Sophia is set on finding new, innovative ways to manage energy demand at the grid level. At scale, this ensures that energy stability is an option for everyone, not just folks who can afford the luxury of a whole-home backup system.