Changes to the IIT University Calendar

The Office of Marketing and Communications is in the process of transitioning the IIT University Calendar to Google Calendar, allowing for easy sharing of events using IIT Google Apps accounts, compatibility with a variety of different calendar software, embeddable calendars and RSS feeds.

Update Your Links

The new calendar is now in place at  Please update your bookmarks and links from the old calendar at

Share Your Events

University colleges, departments, offices, and student organizations are encouraged to post your upcoming events to your Google Calendar account, accessible via the Google Apps link in the myIIT portal.

Share Individual Event
When you create a new event in Google Calendar, input into the “Add guests” field to share your event with the main university calendar.

Share an Entire Calendar
To share your entire calendar, including future events, login to your Google account, click on the gear button in the top right corner, and view the Calendar Settings. Select “Calendars” from the top menu, and you will see a list of your calendars.  Select “Shared: Edit settings” for the calendar you wish to link to the University Calendar, and then enter under “Share with specific people.”  Your events will now appear on the University Calendar.

As the Office of Technology Services transitions employee accounts to Gmail in 2012, each department and office will be assigned an “official” Google account with calendar access (or have calendar functions enabled for an existing departmental email address), which will then serve as the calendar account for your area. Once established, each department can maintain a standalone calendar of events which will also feed into the University Calendar. In the meantime, please use your personal Google Apps accounts and share your events with for inclusion on the University Calendar.

Contact if you have any questions about the new calendar or sharing your events with the university.