Changes to the Pritzker Club

Effective August 21, the Pritzker Club in The McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC) has changed from a restaurant to a reservable space with various programmed events throughout the semester.

Every Tuesday (beginning on Tuesday, August 29) there will be a pop-up snack bar available in the Pritzker Club (view the menu here: Pritzker Club Menu). Food costs will vary depending on the offering.

In lieu of the Pritzker Club formal (traditional) dining options, faculty, staff, and students can now enjoy a hot entree in Center Court (view the menu here: Center Court Menu). Students can use a meal exchange plus $3 in bonus points, TechCash, or cash/credit. Faculty and staff will be able to pay cash/credit. Each entree will cost $9.95 plus tax. Center Court also offers a variety of bistro sandwiches, grill items (fries, onion rings, wings, pizza, burgers, etc.), soups and salads. Fresh sushi is prepared and sold every Tuesday and Thursday (this option replaces the hot entree for those days).

Faculty and staff hosting guests can now reserve a room in The MTCC and bring their entree to that space. Room reservations should be arranged through Event Services (