ChBE Spring 2024 Seminar Series: ‘Unleashing the Potential of Digital Health Data Through Machine Learning’

Jie Shen, director of digital science at AbbVie.The Chemical and Biological Engineering Department presents their spring 2024 seminar series featuring guest speaker Jie Shen, director of digital science at AbbVie, who will give a presentation on “Unleashing the Potential of Digital Health Data Through Machine Learning.” This seminar will take place on Wednesday, March 6, from 3:15–4:30 p.m. in room 108 of Perlstein Hall.

Light refreshments will be served.


In the era of digital and artificial intelligence, digital health technologies (DHTs) provide unprecedented opportunities for advancing clinical development. Their value is prominently exhibited in two pivotal areas: the ability for remote data collection and the enhancement of clinical measurements. This presentation will explore the transformative potential of such DHT and the specific analytical techniques required to unlock their full value.

With the ability to generate high-dimensional and high-frequency data, DHT has ushered in an era of “Big Data” in health care. However, the intricacies of this wealth of data necessitate specialized processing and analysis methods. This is where Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques come to the fore. By converting complex DHT data into meaningful measurements, these advanced computational models provide a powerful tool for extracting significant insights from dense data streams.

In this presentation, we will dive into the practical application of ML and DL in DHT data analysis. We will walk you through several illustrative examples, such as the application of these techniques in movement disorder assessments for Parkinson’s Disease patients and scratch assessments for patients with Atopic Dermatitis. By showing how these state-of-the-art methods can be used to improve patient care and outcomes, we aim to illuminate the path forward for utilizing machine learning to harness the full potential of digital health data.


Jie Shen is an industrial data science leader with a track record of building innovative solutions to address various drug discovery and medicine development problems. He is a director of digital science at AbbVie, leading the digital health technology development, validation, and digital data analytics. Prior to his current role, Shen has led data science and advanced analytics capability development and execution for precision medicine, clinical trial optimization, digital health, and drug discovery at AbbVie and Eli Lilly and Company. Jie has published 50+ papers with more than 6,000 citations. Shen received his Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry and B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is currently pursuing an M.B.A. focusing on strategy and finance at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.