Chicago Innovation Challenge

The Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center at Illinois Tech will host the Chicago Innovation Challenge sponsored by The Fogelson Family Foundation (the lead non-Illinois Tech sponsor), the Coleman Foundation, and the mHub co-working space, Chicago’s new innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing.

The contest is a four-stage competition designed to (1) encourage and inspire students to think about creating physical things, applications and applications that control physical things by encouraging them to seek to solve a real-world consumer and/or business need or problem that they have identified, (2) to demonstrate their creativity and inventiveness at solving this problem, (3) to provide an opportunity to earn a monetary prize and, for the noted limited time, free rent at a maker’s co-working space in recognition of their accomplishment. The contest will be held in accordance with and pursuant to the detailed terms and provisions set forth in the Official Rules, available here. Interested individuals are expected to review and understand the Official Rules before submitting an initial entry.

To register to participate in this contest, an official entry form (found here) must be submitted Monday, August 22, 2016 after 10 a.m. but before Friday, September 30, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. (local Chicago times). The deadlines for the three other stages of the contest and the requirements of each stage are set forth in the Official Rules. View a flyer here: 2016 Chicago Innovation Challenge Flyer