IFSH Clinical Nutrition Research Center Conducts Coffee Research Study

The Institute for Food Safety and Health’s Clinical Nutrition Research Center is conducting a coffee research study to understand the effect of coffee in overweight/obese healthy women.

This research involves:

* Two six-hour study visit days.
* Blood sample collection on each study visit day.
* One dinner meal which will be provided the day before each study visit, as well as one breakfast meal and one beverage drink during each study visit.
* Compensation of $200 will be provided.

All participants must be healthy, pre-menopausal women who are non-smokers, have a regular menstrual cycle, between 20-45 years of age, have a body mass index between 25-35, and who are not taking blood pressure and/or lipid lowering medications.

For more information, call 312.567.5300 or 312.567.5317, complete the survey, or email freemanstudies@iit.edu.

The Clinical Nutrition Research Center conducts human nutrition and clinical research to determine the health benefits of foods and food components in a variety of study areas, including nutrient properties and bioavailability, obesity and satiety, diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk reduction, and infant and child nutrition.