Companies Hiring on Campus

Several companies and organizations will be coming to campus in the days before the Fall Career Fair on September 20, seeking to hire talented IIT students from a variety of majors.

American Society of Clinical Pathologists
September 17, 12:50-1:50pm, PH 108

Looking for US Citizens/Permanent Residents majoring in: honors med, pre-med, information architecture, information technology management, internet communication, molecular biochemistry/biophysics, biology, chemistry, marketing, marketing communications, and computer science

International Atomic Energy Agency
September 18, 5-6:30pm, E1 124

Looking for US citizens/permanent residents in engineering

September 19, 5-7pm, Hermann Hall Alumni Lounge

Looking for chemical engineers

Goldman Sachs Technology
September 19, 5-7pm, WH Auditorium

Looking for all computer-related majors

Come learn more information about their organizations.  For more information, contact the CMC at 312.567.6800 or