Comparison Shop for Health-Related Services and Get Rewarded

Ever wish you could comparison shop for your healthcare services rather than get hit with a bill you weren’t prepared for after tests or procedures? Well, Illinois Tech health plan members have that option

Thanks to our enhanced Benefits Value Advisor (BVA) customer service, all of our health plan members have the availability to do cost comparisons for services ranging from preventive mammograms and colonoscopies, to MRSs, to maternity services, and even major surgeries like knee replacements. Shop by logging in to your Blue Access for Members account at, and using the provider finder tool. You can access also BVA team members via phone calling the number on the back of your ID card – they can help you shop and provide assistance with scheduling procedures and pre-certification.

You may notice when you shop that certain services indicate that rewards may be available through Member Rewards, a program that pairs with BVA and pays cash incentives for using more cost effective options for eligible services and procedures. Simply register your shopping online, or ask the BVA team member to register you, and if you use the lower cost option offering a reward, you’ll automatically receive an incentive check 6-8 weeks after your claim is processed.

Additional information on these programs is available on the HR Portal Health page. As always, please feel free to contact Viktoria Rill in Human Resources at x73353 or with any questions or concerns.