Computer Science Advisory Board Announces Four New Members

Eunice Santos, the Ron Hochsprung Endowed Chair, chair of the Department of Computer Science, and professor of computer science, has announced the appointment of four new members to the computer science advisory board. The board consists of prominent professionals who are well regarded in the field of computer science. These professionals offer guidance on current industry demands and future trends, allowing the department to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the field.

  • Judson Althoff is executive vice president, Microsoft Worldwide Commercial Business. There, he leads Microsoft’s commercial business strategy and is responsible for implementing a digital transformation of commercial customers and partners which encourages them to realize greater business value through the use of technology. Prior to this, Althoff was president of Microsoft North America. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Illinois Tech.
  • Brenna Berman is chief information officer of the City of Chicago. There, she has been instrumental in fulfilling Mayor Emanuel’s commitment to an open and data-driven government. Before this, she spent 10 years at IBM helping government agencies in cities and countries across the world restructure their technology and analytics services.
  • Joe Jablonski is co-founder of Ocient, a startup that develops supercomputer scale data platforms for high-velocity analytics and machine learning on the world’s largest data sets. Jablonski is a technology-based serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies, and is an active angel investor in technology companies.
  • Harper Reed is head of commerce at Braintree, senior director of software development at PayPal, and owner of Harper Rules, LLC. He is a hacker/engineer who builds paradigm-shifting tech and leads others to do the same. Prior to his current roles, he held various positions including chief technology officer at Obama for America and chief technology officer at

To learn more about the computer science advisory board, visit the website.