Computer Science Seminar: ‘Recent Investigations in Machine Learning and Edge Computing,’ Featuring Rajeev Shorey

The Department of Computer Science is hosting a seminar on “Recent Investigations in Machine Learning and Edge Computing” with speaker Rajeev Shorey, adjunct professor in the Computer Science & Engineering Department at IIT Delhi and former CEO of University of Queensland – IIT Delhi Academy of Research (UQIDAR). The talk will be Monday, November 20, 2023, from 12:45–1:45 p.m. at Stuart Building, room 113.


In this talk, we highlight the research challenges in the intersection of Machine Learning and Edge Computing.  More specifically, we look at the Federated Learning paradigm in a faulty edge ecosystem.

Federated Learning deviates from the norm of “send data to model” to “send model to data.” When used in an edge ecosystem, numerous heterogeneous edge devices collecting data through different means and connected through different network channels get involved in the training process. Failure of edge devices in such an ecosystem due to device fault or network issues are highly likely.

In this talk, we first analyze the impact of the number of edge devices on an FL model and provide a strategy to select an optimal number of devices that would contribute to the model. We observe the impact of data distribution on the number of optimal devices. We then investigate how the edge ecosystem behaves when the selected devices fail and provide a mitigation strategy to ensure a robust Federated Learning technique. Finally, we design a real-world application to highlight the impact of the designed mitigation strategy.

The talk will end with a brief discussion of several open research problems in the intersection of Machine Learning and Edge Computing.